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About Us

The Center for Professional Enhancement Technology Solutions (known as CfPE Technology Solutions) is incorporated in July 2001 and began as a training and consulting company for power plant, oil & gas and petrochemical sectors in Malaysia. With a small team of experienced and dedicated engineers and multi skilled technical staff we have come a long way. From those humble beginnings, we have successfully grown and today we have achieved reorganization as a premier in organizing short training in Malaysia.

Our professional experience and excellent consulting strengths provide insights and understanding of the challenges facing the industries we serve. CfPE Technology Solutions aims to make a difference. The need for leading-edge training has intensified and is advancing beyond all expectation; it is the basis upon which performance can be measured in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

In the world of today, it is not simply a case of having the necessary professional skills; people must develop interpersonal skills alongside their ability to handle the changes brought about by technological progress. We expect the people who attend our training courses to make an immediate impact, both back at the workplace and in their career and personal development.

CfPE Technology Solutions is a training and consulting company dedicated to increasing our client’s competitive edge through the improved performance of their human and capital assets. We aspire to make significant and lasting improvements in our clients’ strategic focus and business performance. CfPE Technology Solutions’s mission is to assist and enable world-class companies to increase productivity and performance through their most vital assets - the workforce. Click HERE to see our client's.


Our People

CfPE Technology Solutions has assembled a team of international consultants with solid industry experience who have held executive, staff and line management positions in our targeted industries.

Our team incorporates a rich academic background with professional strengths and this expertise is evident in all the assignments undertaken, whether in the presentation of public programmes or indeed, when providing consultancy or knowledge transfer In-company. Click HERE to see our Instructors.

Our Vision

  • To provides leading edge learning solutions of the highest result.
  • To focusing on the needs of your organisation and the career development of the individual.