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Our Expertise

Our group of professionals currently has been involved in the consultancy fields of engineering and mainly in delivering training courses for power sectors, oil & gas, petrochemical and general industries.

Below are the lists of training courses that we are experience with :

A. Process Technology and Operations

  1. Boiler Water Treatment
  2. Waste Water Treatment
  3. Cooling Water Treatment
  4. Process Design Fundamentals
  5. Improve performance of Fired Heater and Boilers
  6. Distillation Design and Troubleshooting
  7. Process Design Fundamentals
  8. Process Plant Start-up and Commissioning
  9. Process Equipment Sizing and Selection
  10. Oil & Gas Operation from A to Z
  11. Process Chemistry and Refinery Technology
  12. Crude Oil Storage & Management, Handling and Measurement of Loss
  13. Process Operation and Troubleshooting
  14. Modern Refinery Process
  15. Refining Processes and Petroleum Products
  16. Utility Systems – Steam and Power
  17. Gas Processing and Conditioning
  18. Gasoline Blending Technology
  19. Plant Cost Management

B. Inspection and Reliability

  1. Risk Based Inspection
  2. Reliability Cantered Maintenance
  3. Metallurgy for Non-Metallurgist
  4. Materials Science and Engineering for Engineers
  5. Welding Technology for Engineers and Inspectors
  6. Fitness For Service (FFS)
  7. Principles of Failure Analysis and Mechanism
  8. Materials Selection for Oil and Gas Industry
  9. Fundamental of Non-Destructive Testing
  10. Corrosion Management in Oil and Gas Production
  11. ASNT – Non-Destructive Testing (all types with certification)

C. Mechanical

  1. Steam Boiler – Operations, Troubleshooting, Inspection, Repair and Maintenance
  2. Steam Boiler – Operations, Troubleshooting and Combustion Optimization
  3. Power Boiler Design, Inspection and Repai
  4. Cogeneration and Combined Cycle Technology
  5. Gas Turbine Technology
  6. Combustion Technology
  7. Steam Turbine Technology
  8. Compressor Technology
  9. Pumps and Pumping Systems
  10. Pump Technology – Design and Applications
  11. Compressed Air Systems – Operation, Maintenance and Safety
  12. Internal Combustion Engines
  13. Pressure Vessels – Mechanical Design and Specifications
  14. Heat Exchanger – Mechanical Design and Specifications
  15. Storage Tank – Mechanical Design and Specifications
  16. ASME B31.3 – Process Piping for Engineers and Designers
  17. Pipe Stress Analysis